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Automotive Interior and Top Specialists

Automotive Interior & Top Specialists has been in business for over 8 years with 20+ years of experience. Owner Jim Thurston worked for Auto Top Inc. for over 12 years. As a leading provider, Automotive Interior and Top Specialists "AITS" is a company dedicated to providing our customers with excellent materials and friendly service. By providing our customers with quality products, on time service and competitive pricing, we pride ourselves on being a dependable company.

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11377 E Lakewood Blvd

Holland, MI 49424

We strive to serve our customers with the highest quality products and services. AITS is a company with a great reputation. We adhere to the strictest principles of business and integrity. There is one basic policy to which there will never be any exception, "Play It Straight" is the only way to deal with individuals or businesses. We are committed to being in compliance, not only with the spirit and letter of the laws that apply to business, but also with the highest standards of ethics and morality.


We are located in Holland, MI on Lakewood Blvd. between 112th and 120th Avenue, on the north side of the street.


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In March 2011, Sergio Mascorro joined the company to run the Electronics Division. Specializing in automotive and marine electronics (audio equipment, remote starters, heated seats, etc.), Sergio has 18+ years of experience with excellent customer service.